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  • Instantly Lomographer style

    March 13,2015

    Instantly Lomographer style- all you need is a vintage reddish brown Gradient legacy -caramel frame, a retro Belair X 6-12 instant camera kit and a Ladon citrus orange camera strap!

    Catch up this fashionista’s vintage British style and get a unique “frame” of every precious moment!

  • The minty freshness

    March 6,2015

    Imagine this: Acoustics playing from a map themed Turntable UK Plug, while you lie down on a chair and appreciate a pocket-sized treasure green plant (Urban Grow Star Terrarium Planter). These items harness a sense of calm lifestyle.  For ones who love natural lifestyle, don’t miss out the Trichrome Gradient legacy-Mint british style retro frame in fresh olive green colour.

    Good mood is for everyday.

  • Our Trichrome Wishlist of 2015

    January 1,2015

    Has the past year been fruitful to you!? We’d like to share our 2015 Wishlist with our dearest fans!
    It seems we love girly sporty style things to showcase a readily travel lifestyle!
    What would be your 2015 Wishlist? We hope all our wishes come true!
  • The Look for Christmas Charm!

    December 26,2014

    The question on every gal’s mind these days is ‘How to style-up to impress?’

    That’s why we’ve styled those festive colour and bling bling accessories for you!

    Make use of the Lipstick Glitter Clutch, Red Enamel Lip Key Holder, Skinny Dip Grace Iphone 6 Case to add a glittering edge to your outfit! Style them with a pair of Cat-eye Miss Secretary - Lavender Tortoise frame and you are ready for a fabulous party!

  • Find the right glasses for your face shape - Rectangular

    December 5,2014

    A rectangular face possesses a strong jaw line, broad forehead and long chin. Choose a round frame with blunt edges and soft curves compliments rectangular face and softens angular feature. Try to avoid small, narrow lenses that will exaggerate face length. Our larger fit Legacy collection’s round shaped frame is ideal for the rectangular shaped faces, and to sophisticate a vintage outlook!

  • Find the right glasses for your face shape - Diamond

    December 3,2014

    Diamond-shaped face can be categorized by narrow jawline, forehead and with high, dramatic cheekbones. Oval frame shape features slight curve at the bottom part of the eyewear. Such shape compliments angular features of diamond face-shape. To accomplish this trick, the Mademoiselle Collection is the item to achieve a cheerful upswept style established by the frame’s upper acute edge, and the choice of uplifting luscious coloured rim highlights your beauty and elegance!

  • Find the right glasses for your face shape - Oblong

    December 1,2014

    An oblong face is less proportionate in face length than its width. It is commonly identified by a long straight cheek line. The oversized Last Friday Night Collection with classic thin tortoiseshell rim and frames are tailor-made for the oblong face to enhance a proportionate feminine beauty. This retro-chic item best matches with a bold bookworm look, giving a sense of intelligent charm!

  • Find the best glasses for your face shape - Square

    November 28,2014

    Aviator sunglasses are the eternal classics. They are also best for square faces to optically soften the strong jaw line, elongate the face and offset the boxy features. The square faces should avoid angular frames as these will emphasize the angular facial features. For a masculine approach, our aviator Trestle collection – Noir in solid black with grey tone on tone lenses is the ultimate expression of cool, which accentuating your chiseled features.

  • Find the best glasses for your face shape - Heart

    November 27,2014

    A heart-shaped face is characterized by a wide forehead, narrow jaw line and high cheekbones. The cat-eye frames work great to balance your jaw line and cheeks to epitomize the snazzy glamour. If you want to make a strong statement, try a pair of our cat-eye Miss Secretary- Lavender Tortoise frame, which adds a feminine flare of edginess.

  • Find the best glasses for your face shape – Oval

    November 24,2014

    Oval face shape is versatile in fitting a variety of frame shapes. It goes nice with any shapes, like square, rectangular (sharp or curved edges), butterfly, cat eye frames will best compliment your face by creating angles with a balance. Try to avoid perfect round or oval frames as they add more curves to your oval face. With a touch of Trichrome’s use of bold and fashionable colours, Choco Dive – Blueberry is for those who want to standout by playing style with contrasting delightful colours to reveal an energetic attitude!