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Trichrome=Colourful X Minimalism


Experience Trichrome

Experience Happiness, Experience Minimalism


Our Appreciation of Colours

We believe colour exists to be appreciated! This gift allows us to enjoy life in colours we aim to fully utilize your trichromatic vision from our colourful perspective. Vivid colours evoke happiness within us. Yet, can easily be pursued.

When we assign colour for our frames, we mix and match colours like an artist with its palette, we infuse the latest colour trend to our design.


We hope our eyewear is an eye-candy that sweetens a Happy Living! 


Our Pursuit of Minimalism

In pursuit of aesthetic delicacy, we depict stylish eye-shape through exquisite craftsmanship. Each line and angle we sculpt are to perfect the shade you wear. We minimalize designs in details to reveal the simplicity in beauty.

The essence of Trichrome is to appreciate simple happiness from a colourful attitude.


We bring “simple shapes in bold colours” to express our authentic philosophy!

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